3-2-1: Bringing plants indoors + chemicals 🧪

Happy Thursday!
Here are 3 plant health tips, 2 thoughts of the week, and 1 question for you.

3 Plant Health Tips:

Bringing your plants indoors is going to be a 3 parter lol.
Taking indoor plants outside for the summer is such an amazing way to get massive growth on them and develop some unique colours when it comes to fall (Hoyas show some really cool reds and yellows).
At the end of the year however, we have to bring them inside again before the temperatures get too cold at night. Outdoor conditions are much different than indoors not just because of the sunlight, but there are a variety of insects and diseases that can make their way onto/into your plants and soil that you don't necessarily want to bring indoors for the winter.
Hydrogen peroxide, diatomaceous earth (DE), insecticidal soap are going to be your best friends here.
  • ...Disease Clean Up/Prevention:

Do a 4:1 ratio of water to hydrogen peroxide (3% USP) and put it into a spray bottle. For example if you have a 1L (1 quart) spray bottle you’ll add 250ml of hydrogen peroxide. Then, add Yucca Extract if you have it handy or a couple drops of a liquid natural soap like Dr. Bronners. It won’t be as effective as Yucca but will get the job done if it’s all you have.

Give them a good shake until foamy and then spray the entire plant down from top to bottom (actually start at the top) and then allow the leaves to fully dry. Fully saturate the soil with this mixture as well to clean up any pathogens that may be in your soil.


  • Pest Clean Up/Prevention

    Mix 1-2 tablespoons of DE per litre (quart) of water. Add yucca extract or liquid soap and shake/stir well. Add to a spray bottle and spray the entire plant down top to bottom just like with the peroxide. Allow the leaves to fully dry and let the DE sit on the leaves for 3-5 days at least. Make sure it isn’t going to rain during this period of time or you will have to reapply. Morning is best for applying foliar sprays!

    Sprinkle a good layer of the DE on top of your soil after you spray the plant down to catch any insects that may have made a home in your soil and try to come out when brought inside!

    Repeat as necessary because you will never burn plants with DE or harm leaves.


  • Extra precaution

    Insecticidal soap can be made at home super easy with a few ingredients. What this mixture does is stick to insects and suffocate them. You can add DE as well to make it even more potent! Here is the recipe for this:

    >> Click here for recipe


    Adding our fertilizer or plant probiotic to the leaves and soil after the hydrogen peroxide cleaning will reintroduce essential bacteria & fungi that will help your plants prevent disease and ensure they get a steady source of nutrients throughout the winter months 👍.

2 Thoughts of the week:

  • ...Thoughts, emotions & chemicals
    I just started a book called “Becoming Supernatural”. We all have thoughts and as much as we want to stop them sometimes, we can’t. The tricky thing is that thoughts create emotions, which in turn create chemicals in our bodies as a response.
    The chemical reaction to thought is the art of creating in our own bodies from nothing. The issue that I experience and many others is that our thoughts are rooted in the past. Things we’ve done “wrong”, things we wish we could change, or traumatic events.
    Generally these thoughts are negative and by thinking these same thoughts over and over again, our body continues to release the chemicals that are associated with them like cortisol and adrenaline. Your body is in fight, or flight mode all day long.
    Eventually over time your body can become addicted to these chemicals and as you think, your body will induce more thoughts that follow the same narrative to release the same chemicals. This addiction makes it very difficult to create a new future for yourself by thinking new thoughts and eventually wears on the body in the form of disease.
    A practice I will be doing that is mentioned in the book is for 10 minutes three times per day, try to experience love, acceptance, joy, gratitude, and other high energy thoughts. Feel how they feel in your body. See your future with these thoughts.
  • …Breathing

    Of all the research I’ve done over the years of mindfulness and meditation, breath is always the main component. Paying attention to your breathing throughout the day, especially in times of stress or anxiety can be extremely helpful.
    Simply paying attention to your breathing is a beautiful exercise to bring you back to the present moment and give you some time to contemplate what is going on or how you are feeling.
    Try: right now close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths (I'm doing it between writing this). Listen to the sounds around you. How do you feel?

1 Question:

  • What's your favourite plant and why??
    Cannabis has been a favourite of mine for almost 9 years now. I love how many different smells, colours, and flavours they produce.

    As always, I encourage you to respond to these emails. I honestly love hearing from you and as much as this is an outlet for me, I hope it brings you at least a sliver of value.

    Have a beautiful weekend,


    Founder of Bios Nutrients Inc.

    ps. Check out these tropical plants that have been rediscovered 100 years later 😍

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