Water your plants less often with BIOS!

What is plant soil made from?

Soil is generally comprised of three main components: Base (Peat Moss, Coco Coir, etc.), Compost (Leaf, Animal, Mushroom etc.), and Aeration (Rice Hulls, Grow Stones, Vermiculite, etc.). 

These are all mixed in a variety of ratios to determine how much water it can hold, how well it drains, and how well it can hold nutrients (EC; electrical conductivity).

How microbes allow you to water your plants less often!

The compost component (and peat moss depending on where it is sourced) is responsible for adding microbial content to your soil in the form of bacteria (like those found in BIOS!),  fungi, nematodes, and many many other living organisms that all play a part in creating healthy, living soil as found in nature. What many of us aren't aware of is that bacteria & fungi actually hold all of the tiny bits of soil particles together (bacteria create a slime, while fungi uses its hair like strands to weave them together) which aid in moisture, and ultimately nutrient retention!

Adding BIOS made it easy!

Using the proper soil component ratio is the first key step in ensuring healthy plants, but ultimately, the microbial content in that soil keeps things running as they should. BIOS is a fantastic, and easy way to add these beneficial microbes back into your soils and will make sure your plants continue to thrive year round!

Happy planting friends.


Aaron Deacon

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