What is Yucca Extract?

Grow healthy leaves and roots with Bios Yucca Extract 

What is yucca extract?

Yucca extract is a natural surfactant made to increase the effectiveness of foliar sprays and increase nutrient absorption. Bios Nutrients yucca extract is a natural insecticide and helps to keep soil and moss hydrated–that’s right, keep your moss pole nice and moist with this all-natural yucca tincture.

Bios Nutrients yucca extract and monstera plant

Yucca extract benefits for plants: 

- Helps water stick to leaves, making foliar sprays much more effective. 🚿

- Acts as a natural insecticide! 🦟

- Keeps soils & moss hydrated (Great for moss poles!) 💦

- Increases nutrient absorption

Yucca Plant Extract

Our yucca extract is an all-natural game changer. Made from the roots of the Yucca Schidigera plant which was used by ancient cultures as a natural soap. Bios Yucca Extract for plants is one of the strongest extracts of the Yucca plant available on the market today. I added yucca extract to our lineup because I wanted to offer a natural and organic way to make foliar sprays more effective and rehydrate soils that have become hydrophobic due to Peat Moss content (which is the majority of house plants).

Our yucca extract works simply by adding a small drop (0.25 mL) to a litre of water. Shake it well, and then spray directly on your leaves. You can also add our yucca oil to your water and apply it through means of your regular watering.

Use it on its own or mix it with Bios Nutrients Probiotics every two weeks to keep your leaves healthy and pest free. When using it to water soil, add it every single time you water. This will make sure that you’re soil stays really nice and hydrated and allow plants to absorb more water. Plants absorb nutrients through the absorption of water.

How to Use Yucca Extract

- Mix 0.25 ml (1/16 tsp) of yucca extract per litre of water.

- Stir in, or shake well.

- Mix in a spray bottle and spray on leaves OR mix in a watering can and water your plants as regular

- Soak your cuttings

- Use with every watering, and as needed for foliar applications

What is yucca extract

How much can I make with one bottle?

One bottle of our yucca extract makes 35 gallons of product. Which is seven 5-gallon containers.

Yucca Extract Canada; Plant products Canada

Looking for plant products made in Canada? Our plant products are handmade with love and care in Guelph, Ontario. Our batches are lab tested to ensure you're getting the best for your indoor plants, gardens, or farms.

Yucca Extract For Sale

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