Great question. Apply a light sprinkling across the entire soil surface (One 45g bag covers 5ft2). You can also mix BIOS directly into your soil mixes as an amendment! Don't worry about using too much as it will not burn your plants!

Another great question! Every other month is recommended for slower growing plants, and it can be used monthly for faster growing plants to ensure they are fed!

Don't worry, this isn't mold! It is actually a visible form of a healthy bacteria culture called Actinomycetes. It actually acts as an anti-bacterial & anti-fungal agent in your soil which pushes out all bad bacteria/fungi, and replaces it with ones that help your plant! It is also spreading out and breaking down the nutrients present on the soil surface such as those found in BIOS. Feel free to work this layer back into the soil if you don't want to see it!

Not at all! BIOS is the perfect addition to gardens, cannabis cultivations, and agriculture! No matter what or where you are growing, BIOS products can provide a wide array of benefits!

100%. BIOS is completely safe for all plants, no matter its shape or size.

A single 45g bag will cover 5 square feet of soil surface! If used as a soil amendment, use 2 cups per cubic foot.

Yes it is completely safe to use along side other fertilizers. The nutrients in BIOS break down slow enough that they should never burn your plant on its own. That being said, the fertilizer used along side BIOS could burn your plant if it is not slow release, and if it is used in excess. Watch our for synthetic salt based fertilizers as they can create salt build up around your roots which prevent the uptake of nutrients, and kill the microbes in the soil.

Yes it is! Our bags are made from kraft paper, PLA (plastic from plants!), and an ALOX coating (aluminum oxide, which is also compostable), all of which can be completely broken down within 30 days in a commercial composter. We have learned that 'biodegradable' packaging can actually mean 40-60% biodegradable, and the other portion mimics biodegradation by turning into micro-plastics, which is ultimately worse for our environment as we can never recover them!

Generally speaking, we all lead very busy lives, and sometimes our plants unfortunately get neglected. When the soil dries out too much, bacteria and fungi cultures can become stressed and begin to die off. After repeating this pattern eventually you are left with a dead soil, and your plant will suffer. By adding BIOS to your soil, you will reintroduce life back into your soil. Bacteria can protect your plant from disease, and break down nutrients that your plant cannot absorb on its own!

Our products are 100% pet safe! Our beneficial bacteria cultures act as a pro-biotic, and majority of our ingredients are actually found in pet supplements! Our goal was to ensure that you wouldn't have to hide BIOS so it can stay where is belongs; with your plants.

Don't worry! It only takes a small amount of water to bring the bacteria cultures out of hibernation and begin moving throughout your soil. Just be patient and this layer will usually show up over time with regular waterings!

We recommend using our Pro-Biotic Foliar for soiless mediums as it will avoid any decomposing organic matter while still adding the beneficial bacteria and micronutrients. If you do use BIOS, we recommend making a tea. To do this, add a good tablespoon of BIOS per 500ml of warm water, give it a good shake, and let sit for 12-24 hours. This will reactivate the bacteria cultures and put the nutrients & minerals into solution. 

All of our products have a 1+ year shelf life as long as they do not get wet. Our BIOS bags have a protective barrier inside to help keep moisture and water out, and our foliar sprays have child-proof caps to ensure they are sealed. We have had our products properly stored for over 3 years with no degradation in quality or effectiveness!

A wetting agent (or surfactant) lowers the surface tension of water, allowing foliar sprays to "stick" to your leaves and increasing its efficiency of feeding/protecting your plants! We recommend Yucca extract as the most effective natural wetting agent. 

Yes! We reccomend mixing BIOS with your seedling mix to ensure direct contact with the new young roots. This will ensure they can create the crucial relationship with the microbes right away. We also recommend watering seedlings with our Pro-Biotic!

When applying BIOS as a top dress in this scenario, it can lead to issues regarding mold due to the high humidity and decomposing organic matter. We highly recommend mixing BIOS with your soil as an amendment in this case, or watering with our Pro-Biotic.