The BIOS Story

Posted By: at 10/01/20

From Nature, For Nature

BIOS is wheat bran that has gone through an oxygen-free fermentation process. This allows beneficial bacteria to quickly  multiply over the surface of the bran flakes. A generous amount of natural plant nutrients including: Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Insect Frass, Ceramic Powder, Ocean Water Minerals, and Rock Dust ( Basalt, Woolastonite, Volcanophos, Oyster, & Soft Rock Phospate) are added to ensure plants can thrive!









Our Bags Are 100% Compostable

Plastic has wreaked havoc on our environment, and yet we continue to use it. Our solution is to stop feeding the problem, and instead, feed our earth. Please compost your packages by shredding to use as a mulch, burying in your garden, or by placing it in your home bin. Keep our home beautiful!