From Nature, For Nature

We only use ingredients sourced directly from nature for our products to help recreate the way soils have fertilized themselves for millions of years.

Our Bags Are 100% Compostable

Plastic has wreaked havoc on our environment, and yet we continue to use it. Our solution is to stop feeding the problem, and instead, feed our earth. Please compost your BIOS packages by shredding to use as a mulch, burying in your garden, or by placing it in your home bin. Let's keep our home beautiful!

Handmade In Beautiful Guelph, Ontario

BIOS products are made with love in an unfinished basement, where each bag & bottle truly is, mixed and packaged by hand. 


Natural Fertilizers


Liquid Foliars & Drenches



- Diane McLean

I purchased BIOS just a little over 3 weeks ago and applied it to my plants. The money tree and orchid plant are doing so well. In fact, the money tree has almost doubled in leaves. My orchid plant has also come back to life (this is the only orchid I have not killed). The leaves are becoming longer, greener, and I am hoping to see a stem with flowers soon!

BIOS on Soil Plant Review

- Shawna Hamilton

As soon as I heard about BIOS nutrients I ran out to buy it! I love the idea of treating my plants with organic nutrients, and watching the process of the bacteria interacting with the soil did not let me down. My plants look happier and healthier already!

- Michelle Compas

So many things that make us happy about this product! What’s not to like about a local business that puts out something organic that your plants love! We’ve seen lots of new growth from our plant babies since using BIOS. They’ve nailed the packaging and you’ll feel good about knowing it’s compostable. Show them some love...give BIOS a follow and treat your babies!

Thanks for Shopping! 🌱