How to Use Foliar Sprays

Grow healthier plants by mastering the Foliar Spray for your tropical house plants

Why are foliar sprays good for your plants?

1. It’s the only way to get rid of common pests like spider mites, mealy bugs, thrips, etc.

2. Plants can eat through their leaves and foliar sprays are the quickest way to feed them. WARNING: Its easy to burn your leaves with foliar sprays so use a very diluted nutrient if its high in NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium).

3. Cleans dust off leaves. Dusty leaves are like snow on a solar panel. Foliar sprays are a great way to clean them off and get your plants back to full photosynthesis!

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Why foliar sprays don't work...

They aren’t effective because water has a really hard time sticking to leaves and ends up beading up on the leaf and just rolling off. Leaves are covered in a waxy surface that you can feel just by rubbing one between your fingers.

If you’ve ever seen freshly waxed car with water on it, the water beads up into big droplets and rolls right off the car.

Plants have this ability because if it rains during the day and then the sun comes out in full force, it would burn the plants if they held water on their leaves.



How to make foliar sprays work!

You need to lower the surface tension. Surface tension can be seen by filling a cup of water slightly past the brim. You’ll notice that the water doesn’t sit flat, but creates a slight dome on the top of the cup.
You can use liquid soap but some soaps may not be effective and others have antimicrobial additives which mess up the micro flora of your leaves and soil.

For the past 6 years I have been using Yucca Extract to lower the surface tension of water to get the most out of foliar sprays and is the best natural option I have found. That is why I offer it today.


You can also use soap but some soaps may not be effective and others have antimicrobial additives which mess up the micro flora of our leaves and soil.

How to use our Yucca Extract:

- Mix .25ml (1/16 tsp) of yucca extract per litre of water. (Add fertilizer or any other liquids you'd like)

- Shake well.

- Spray the tops & bottoms of your plants leaves.

Learn more about our Yucca Extract here

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How much can I make with one bottle?

One bottle of our yucca extract makes 35 gallons of product. Which is seven 5-gallon containers.

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