About Bios Nutrients

Our Mission

For 100 years synthetic fertilizers
and pesticides have damaged our
planet and our health. 

Our mission is to help you grow
healthier plants without the
worry of hamful chemicals.


Hey, I'm Aaron...

I am the founder of Bios Nutrients. Some know me by the "Blue-Eyed Scientist" and the "Bios Guy".

Since a kid I've always had a desire to make change and develop products. My Dad always told my sister and I "If you can invent free energy, or how to grow hair back, you'll be set for life". So inventing something was always my goal lol. 

I grew up in a small town called Wiarton in Ontario, Canada where my family ran a Home Hardware store. Watching my parents work day and night to build a successful business that thrived on community was really the foundation of my entrepreneurial spirit. 

When I left home for College in Toronto, I really struggled to find my place and my identity being so far away from the community I grew up in. 

When I graduated school I began growing plants and really started to feel like I had found a community again. As a hobby quickly turned into an obsession I dove deeply into the science of growing and led to me to connecting with beautiful people like you everyday! 

Our Story

During college Aaron took a course called Water: A Life or Death Issue. It showed all the ways that synthetic chemicals in agriculture were destroying our planet while poisioning our food and water. 

He saw a massive need for change in this industry so after college he applied for a license to grow medicial Cannabis. 

The goal was to grow fully organic so he spent $1000 on liquid organic nutrients and spent hours feeding every other week. At the end of the year he was disappointed by the results and as he looked around at the forest surrounding the plants, he asked himself "How do plants get fed in nature without liquid fertilizers?"

He went deep on growing forums online and stumbled upon microbiology in the soil. Turns out plants have a symbiotic relationship with living organisms (microbes) in the soil that feed them 24/7, protect them from diseases, AND make them naturally pest resistant!! 🤯

He began building his own soils and using fermentation to create natural fertilizers and pesticides that either added beneficial microbes to the soil, or fed the microbes.

The results were unbelievable and growing became so much more simple. Feed the soil, and it will feed your plants. 

During covid Aaron was laid off from his job and he decided it was time to introduce Bios to the world to show others the power of living soil. 

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Why Bios?

Because it actually works. 

Because you'll never have to worry again about burning your plants, or worrying that they aren't getting what they need. 

Because this business was built on helping people grow better plants so if there is anything you ever need, we're here for you. 

The Future of Bios

To replace synthetic chemicals in food production. 

Plain and simple. 

The first stop in our misson is creating highly effective and cheap organic pesticides that will replace harmful synthetic products poisioning the food we eat. 

When do we plan on doing this? 

2024 baby. It's time for a change and we've got the secret sauce. 

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Complete Plant Health

Everything your plants need from the
roots up. 

Born From Science

We took a page from Mother Nature's
textbook to make safe, effective products. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our goal is to have 100% compostable
packaging for zero-waste products. 

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