About Bios Nutrients

Our Mission

For 100 years synthetic fertilizers
and pesticides have damaged our
planet and our health. 

Our mission is to help you grow
healthier plants without the
worry of hamful chemicals.

Hey, I'm Aaron...

I am the founder of Bios Nutrients. Some know me by the "Blue-Eyed Scientist" and the "Bios Guy".

Since a kid I've always had a desire to make change but wasn't sure what that change would be.

In college I developed a DVT and it made me look at what I was consuming. Turns out there are a lot of chemicals in food we eat and products we use. 

I loved creating things so started making my own natural replacements. The one that stuck was fertilizers & pesticides.

It aligned with my goal of making a change in a big industry and helping others.

In 2020 I lost my job during covid. The stars aligned to share the magic we know as Bios today with you. 😊

Our Story

In college, Aaron learned that fertilizers and pesticides
were destroying our planet.

After college he started growing medicinal cannabis
and studied organic growing.

He found that soil is alive, and is how plants stay healthy
in nature.

Fermentation was a way to make organic plant food AND
added life to soil! They also worked so good that synthetics were no longer needed.

His goal was to share this magic with people like you to grow better plants in harmony with nature.

Why Bios?

Products on the market don't focus on the full
needs of plants and aren't safe for our homes.
Bios products give plants everything they need
to thrive year round. The best part? You'll never burn your plants again!

No more worrying about children and pets digging in your plants. We only use ingredients that are safe enough to eat.

Discover a new way of growing with Bios.

Complete Plant Health

Everything your plants need from the
roots up. 

Born From Science

We took a page from Mother Nature's
textbook to make safe, effective products. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our goal is to have 100% compostable
packaging for zero-waste products. 

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