Giving plants good vibes

Giving plants good vibes.

You may have heard that playing music for your plants can help them grow and this is 100% true. 

Nikola Tesla (inventor far ahead of his time) said to think of our world as waves of frequency and energy (thoughts of the week are going to touch on this too). Matter (plants, animals, you, me) are simply frequency slowed down into a form we can see. With our human senses we can only see 1% of the frequencies that are all around us!

Think of radio waves; they are buzzing past you right now as you read this, and if you could tune into them, you would be able to access whatever is on that station, but you cannot see them.

Our emotions and thoughts emit frequencies outside of our bodies which plants are very sensitive to and can tune into. Give your plants some love and they will do the same back to you 💚. 

Check out the video below to see the effects of a plant being bullied with verbal abuse vs. a plant that was given nothing but kind words, the effects are eye-opening!!

 >> Results from plants getting bullied vs. loved

  1. Plants are conscious beings, watch this video to learn about the new science 😁

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