Winter fertilizing + chakras 🪐

Happy Thursday!

Here are 3 plant health tips, 2 thoughts of the week, and 1 question for you.


3 Plant Health Tips:

  • …Rain water for plants.
    Oh rain, you are so beautiful. You make us feel cozy, you give us life, AND you are full of essential plant nutrients such as:
    Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, sulfate and nitrogen (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite).
    Rain water is so amazing for plants and if you ever want to see a huge boost in health/growth, I recommend giving it a try for your indoor green babies.🪴
    I always get extra excited when there is a lightning storm with the rain because lightning will turn nitrogen into a form that can carry down to our plants via the rain and give them a boost. ️⚡️
    This is especially important because your leaves are amazing at absorbing this nitrogen which goes straight to its tissues. 


  • …Giving plants good vibes.
    You may have heard that playing music for your plants can help them grow and this is 100% true. Nikola Tesla (inventor far ahead of his time) said to think of our world as waves of frequency and energy (thoughts of the week are going to touch on this too).
    Matter (plants, animals, you, me) are simply frequency slowed down into a form we can see. With our human senses we can only see 1% of the frequencies that are all around us!
    Think of radio waves; they are buzzing past you right now as you read this, and if you could tune into them, you would be able to access whatever is on that station, but you cannot see them.
    Our emotions and thoughts emit frequencies outside of our bodies which plants are very sensitive to and can tune into. Give your plants some love and they will do the same back to you 💚. Check out the video below to see an experiment!

 >> Results from plants getting bullied vs. loved


  • …Fertilizing during the winter months.
    This has been a hot topic for a while so let's talk about it 🧐
    Fertilizing in the winter is completely fine but there is a proper way to do it so you don’t burn your plants. 🔥
    It’s definitely a myth that plants stop growing during the winter time. Our homes provide a pretty solid environment (temp, humidity) for plants during the winter months, but the reduced hours of sunlight and intensity are what really slow down growth.
    If you plan on using a liquid fertilizer of any kind whether synthetic or natural cut the dilution ratio by a quarter. This will make sure that you don’t get nutrient burn because plants just don’t need the same amount of nutrient during this time.
    What I do and what I always recommend during this time: 
    - add a slow release fertilizer that contains organic matter or minerals. Bios is perfect for this but so are things like worm castings, rock phosphate, cottonseed meal, kelp meal, etc. Anything that will break down slowly and add to the composition of soil so that your plants get a head start when spring hits.
    - load up the soil with microbes during this time. That is because microbes will culture the roots of your plants, and work together to give them all the nutrients they need ONLY when the plant asks for it which = no burning and continued growth throughout the winter months. Our fertilizer and probiotic are a winter game changer 🪴

2 Thoughts of the week:

  • in the past & known future
    This is where I’ve been for quite a few years and it didn’t really occur to me until recently reading “Becoming Supernatural”.
    Our emotions are a record of the past and when we live in the past, we feel the emotions from those moments whether good or bad.
    Generally it's the bad we focus on because as a survival tactic, we want to be better prepared for those situations in the future. The problem with this is that our daily lives become about survival. Our fight or flight emotions are constantly being triggered which creates stress on a daily basis.
    The flip side to this is the known future.
    Constantly thinking about what you have to do in the future or how things are going to play out during our day when we aren't even there yet. This can create anxiety or put you back in your past because you’re assuming your future based on what your past experience has been.
    This cycle leaves little time for the present moment. Feel this as you read it:
    “The present moment is all you have. When you die you do not lose your past or your future, you lose your present moment.”  Keep labouring for your present moment. 
  • ...chakras
    Chakras have always been interesting to me as they are energy centres within our bodies that can help heal us, but I generally never really knew how they worked or how to work with them; until recently.
    It turns out that chakras are actually physical components in our bodies that act like mini brains. These mini brains take in signals to release hormones, among many other chemicals in our bodies in specific areas to help organ function, repair damaged tissues, prevent disease, etc.
    Most of us get caught up in our first three chakras and it prevents our bodies from working properly and prevents us from evolving further in our lives.
    A practice I found is based on imagining these energy centres in my body (look up where they are located), and putting attention on them. I then imagine the space around them. Then for example with my 1st chakra, I will say “you are safe”. Any positive affirmation for this energy centre based on what it does will help bring energy back to this area and reconnect it with your body.
    I’m just starting this practice but if you really want to dive into both thought of the week topics, I honestly recommend the book “Becoming Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza. We truly are magical and we can reinvent ourselves at any point in our lives. It’s just learning how and practicing that makes all the difference. 

1 Question:

  • Can you think of a challenging time in your life that you are thankful for? Would you be where you are now without it?


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ps. Plants are conscious beings, watch this video to learn about the new science 😁

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