Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

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Our new pesticide for your house plants is here! 🥳

How do I pronounce what this is?

Die-a-toe-may-shuss Earth...

It is made from the skeletons of ancient water creatures. Under a microscope it looks like tiny shards of glass. When insects come into contact with these shards it punctures their exoskeleton and dehydrates them to death.


- Just mix with water, super easy 💧

- Sticks to insects so its effective long term 👍

- Completely natural and food grade 🌳

- Can be watered into soil to get rid of spider mites, gnats, etc. 🦟

- Feeds plants Silica which is like calcium for our bones 🦴

- Pet & kid safe! 😻

How to use:

1. Mix with water

2. Spray leaves thoroughly or water through the soil.

3. Let the DE dry on your leaves and keep on for up to 2 weeks until pest problem is gone. Inspect your plant babies!

4. Wipe off with cloth or take your plants to the shower on watering day 🛀


BONUS: If you want to add Diatomaceous Earth to your soil mixes (great for aeration and strong roots), add 1-3 tablespoons per gallon of soil :).

DO NOT use when beneficial insects are present. DE will kill them too 😵

AVOID INHALATION - it can be an irritant on the lungs like any fine particulate.